Domkal Subdivision

Shri Rajib Mondal, WBCS(Exe.)

SDO, Domkal

Mobile : 9434770009

Email : sdo-domkal[at]murshidabad[dot]gov[dot]in

Block BDO Name Mobile email
Domkal SHRI PARTHA MONDAL, WBCS(Exe.) 9434770034 bdo-domkal[at]murshidabad[dot]gov[dot]in
Jalangi SHRI KAUSTAV KANTI DAS, WBCS(Exe.) 9434770037 bdo-jalangi[at]murshidabad[dot]gov[dot]in
Raninagar-I SHRI MD. IQUEBAL, WBCS(Exe.) 9434770035 bdo-raninagar1l[at]murshidabad[dot]gov[dot]in
Raninagar-II SHRI PARTHA CHAKRABORTY, WBCS (Exe.) 9434770036 bdo-raninagar2[at]murshidabad[dot]gov[dot]in


Online Services Section Services Description
1 e-District Portal e-District is a Mission Mode Project with the objective of making the State’s services available to the citizens through a computerized system.
2 Government payment portal Government Receipt Portal System (GRIPS) is an online, user-friendly, open internet based platform of the Government of West Bengal (GoWB) for making various tax & non tax payments of the State Government by different depositors like traders, entrepreneurs, companies, citizens, etc.
3 Caste certificate Online For registration and issuance of caste certificate
4 Register your complaint (ICDS/MDM/Ration shops/Others)-Within Domkal Sub-division Register a complaint online
5 Apply for NREGA jobs -Within Murshidabad District Rural employment guarantee program at Panchayat Level.


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