Culture & Heritage

Bera Utsav : The grand celebrations of ‘Bera Utsav’ are conducted at Lalbagh, on the banks of river Bhagirathi, near the palace of Nawabs. The beautiful celebration is adorned by traditional dance and music. The splendid fireworks on Bhagirathi embankment make the venue a picturesque vista that impresses the visitors no end. The festival is enjoyed by people of different age-groups, religions and cultural backgrounds. It not only tells the tale of the city’s age-old splendor, but also marks the unity of its people and their love towards their cultural and traditional inheritance.


Hazarduari Mela : Hazarduari Mela is conducted by West Bengal State Tourism Department alongwith the Murshidabad District administration. Hazarduari Mela is held on an open air stage keeping the Hazarduari palace in the backdrop. Between the palace and the Imambara on southern flank of the palace ground, the stalls are set up with various handicrafts of Murshidabad district. The Mela also includes songs by local artists of Bauls and Fakirs of Murshidi and Marfati genre.