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Revised Mandate Form
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Revised Mandate Form 20/06/2022 Revised Mandate Form View (256 KB)
Mandate Form 111 20/06/2022 Mandate Form 111 View (472 KB)
HV Form 20/06/2022 Application form to be used by an intending consumer / a consumer requesting the licensee for an inspection of his premises and preparation of estimate of expenditure to be borne by the intending consumer / consumer for new connection/ extension of load/ alteration of service View (1 MB)
Change_of_Ownership 20/06/2022 Change_of_Ownership View (169 KB)
Booklet-B 20/06/2022 Booklet-B View (320 KB)
Application_Form_for_Temporary_Electricity_Supply_Connection 20/06/2022 Application_Form_for_Temporary_Electricity_Supply_Connection View (51 KB)
Alteration_of_Service 20/06/2022 Alteration_of_Service View (157 KB)